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So there will be a delay on my Disney Villains.

I haven't been this sick in a while and it's absolutely horrible. Sick

I'm still just trying to do the inks for Maleficent but I keep having coughing fits and my nose is running faster than Usain Bolt. Ill 

I am back!

I've uploaded a bunch of stuff I've done in my time off...that I felt was worth uploading, anyway.

I'm still working on more Disney Villains to keep me in the swing of things, so I hope you like my interpretations of them (for lack of a better word).
Here's my list (In no particular order after Claude Frollo) !
...what is even going on. :cries:

I don't have stable income anymore but I'm working on something for my Patreon. It's gonna be lengthy so, hopefully someone will be interested enough. :)
I finally got a job and this is my...second or third week now.

So I'm really busy. I still log in to see comments and things, so I do appreciate it. I'm still alive (barely though!) and so art is a bit on hold.

Or very on hold.

Still though, just thought I'd update and let Watchers know I'm alive. :meow:


Weekdays: 4pm – 10pm

Weekends: 6pm – 12am

Click here on EveryTimeZone to see what the times will be where you are. Channel

All I've been doing is honing my Photoshop skills and various other offline things so I thought I'd update the journal here.

I am more active on Tumblr but art-wise I've not posted anything in a while. I do, however, stream a lot on

So I made a post on Tumblr and I just basically copy pasted it here :) feedback is appreciated!

Would you be interested in mini-lessons via art stream?

Since I use and I’m always in the mood for a stream, I thought maybe I could dedicate a specific day and time for answer questions and doing mini-lessons on things or just be about in general.

So what do you think? Is anyone interested?

Related Tumblr Post :…
Bhansith's Channel on Picarto

Feel free to follow me if you have an account! :aww:

I'm always checking it out now and again and I pop into a few streams to watch others, even if I am not a follower.

If you have a channel feel free to leave a link to it in a comment on this journal, or send a note to me if you want it private, and I'll check it out. :meow:

There's all kinds of artists on there and it's worth checking out! :)

Pondering signing up but I don't think there would be much point if not many people will be watching my streams.

Here's my Channel! :meow:
I have only ever done one but lately I've had such a terrible art block that I'd like to try some more to get me through this.

Anyone have a particular favourite? Is there anyone that you think will help me crush this art block underfoot?
I have literally no energy left. :omg:
I'm in love.

Also, I'm trying to make designs for t-shirts so i can start getting them printed and selling some of my original pictures and designs on t-shirts. Yeah.

I'd update more but damn I'm just so lost at the moment.
Bought a new Tablet on Amazon as well as Manga Studio 5 EX. I'm so excited I can't contain it! :D
First of all I would like to thank everyone who has come to find this deviation of mine. I greatly appreciate all your comments and to save me repeating myself on each response, I just want to write a big 'thank you and you're welcome' here.

So yeah! You're welcome and thank you! Aww

I thought I'd make this post to answer a few questions just in-case it doesn't work for you and all the basics of stuff so. I hope you enjoy the brush! I made it into an FAQ to make it as easy as possible.

Here's the Tutorial

Water Brush like Paint Tool SAI in Photoshop by Bhansith

:star: EDIT 2 [25-02-2014 11:00am BST]

I received Adobe Photoshop CS6 as a birthday gift just a couple of days ago and whilst I was transferring all my settings etc. I decided to try out the Smudge Tool to see if there was any issues with this Version (I upgraded from CS3).

I am happy to announce that it does work!

Although Photoshop CS6 has Mixer Brushes (They are very similar to the Smudge Tool, I found, except they are a bit more tweakable!) the Smudge Tool still works so if you prefer to use that and the normal brushes for painting and stuff in Photoshop then you should have no problem.

Happy Drawing!

EDIT 1 [23-08-2013 2:43am BST]

I was told about nebezial's Blender Brush by General-EbonRose after I had made this tutorial. So if anyone is wondering if maybe I got the idea from nebezial then the answer is no. I only learned about it after I hade discovered this technique and made this tutorial. :peace:

There are differences between the brushes and their settings that make their results—albeit similar—noticeably different.

According to calisto-lynn, with her settings uploaded here, that in versions later than CS3, it will not work. If it does, it won't work as well as it should. You can see her exact response to a question regarding it working in CS6 here).

I know there's many similar tutorials and brushes  out there but I still hope you find this useful. Perhaps my settings won't work whilst Nebezial's settings do and vice versa. It's not set in stone. :)

Happy Drawing!

Now on to the FAQ! I've tried to write as much as I can about it for you all.

Water Brush like Paint Tool SAI in Photoshop - FAQ

  1. Is this Brush a Download?
    The Reason this brush isn't a download is for when you are making the brush you come to understand how the Smudge Tool actually operates in Photoshop. This way you're learning more about Photoshop.

  2. What does this Brush actually do?
    Ordinary brush strokes with the Brush Tool will resemble strings of dots. This is how the brush itself actually paints.

    The Smudge Tool works with the pixels that your brushes come into contact with, so when you have a brush with high spacing, it appears to 'jump' when you smudge with it.

    This brush lets you smudge in such a way that it moves about just enough to blend your colours together, simulating the Brush/Water Brush Tool in Paint Tool SAI.

  3. Why did you make this brush?
    So a lot of people, including myself, freakin' love the Water Brush in Paint Tool SAI.

    There might be many reasons why you would want a similar brush in photoshop, I for one wanted it because it's easier than other methods of blending. I struggle to blend effectively in Photoshop and seeing the different values as they should be when blended correctly helps me learn more or less what to aim for when I attempt the layering and colour picking method.

  4. I always thought/was always told, not to use the Smudge Tool to learn how to paint and blend in Photoshop, why should I use this?
    Yep. The forbidden Smudge Tool.

    There are creative ways to use this tool and it's in there for a reason. I always avoided the tool for blending for the same reasons but I find that with this custom brush and the Smudge Tool, not only is it easier for me to see the difference between two tones when blending, it also makes it easier for me to judge a nice blending job when doing it the other way of layering and colour picking—the most common way of painting in Photoshop—therefore I personally find it is helping me learn to blend in Photoshop via the aforementioned technique.

  5. How often can I use this in my technique?
    As often as you want. Really.

    However! I would recommend not to use this all the time if you want to master blending in photoshop. It's an excellent skill to have but at the same time, the more ways you find you can do something, the more ways you can create different pieces of work.

  6. What Versions of Photoshop does this work with?
    It should be able to work with any version of photoshop, provided you have created the custom brush and saved it.

    I strongly recommend you create this custom brush using the brush tool then save that as a new custom brush and then set your Smudge Tool to that brush preset.

  7. This won't work for me for some reason, even though I've made the brush!
    In all honesty, I am unsure what could be the reason for this so I'll list a few possibilities:

    • It is possible that you did not save the custom brush as a preset and select it when using your Smudge Tool.

    • It is also possible that you forgot to set the Smudge Tool to the new brush preset.

    • In later versions of Photoshop—although I fail to see how this would make any difference—the Smudge Tool may be a bit different. I'd read up on if there was any changes made in your version.

    • If you've done all the aforementioned things and it still won't work, chances are you may need to adjust your settings to better match you and/or your wacom tablet. If you are using a mouse, you will have to tweak it so that it is not as strong.

    If these still don't work then I'd suggest you do a bit more research into the possible differences between Adobe Photoshop CS3 and the version you use. There could have been changes that were not so obvious or mentioned in the newest versions. As I've never used anything before CS3, I am afraid I cannot help you with this.

And that should be it! I may add more to this in the future.

If you have any information concerning later versions and you managed to get it to work, then please leave a comment and let me know so I can add it.

Once again, thank you for your comments and favourites. I read them all even though I may not respond to them all.

Happy Drawing~!

— Bhansith

Here's just a list of things I don't even; my art block definitely isn't helping.

I try to do the odd doodle or full picture here and there but I find that I just can't seem to bring myself to do it right now. My brain is too occupied at this time and I really wish I could just do a few small doodles and upload them but the inner perfectionist in me won't let me I just can't.

So here's just a little list for anyone wondering. Or maybe you're interested in reading this journal or you're just flat out bored—I won't blame you.
  • Job Hunting
    I still can't get a job. I'm either overqualified or don't have the necessary experience.
  • Volunteering
    I managed to find a volunteering position. I'm going to do my best I can here. ^o^
  • Training
    I can only find one specific training course which is online for ████████████ which is what I'm interested in but I'm going to have to keep on looking and asking about.
  • Portfolio

There's nothing more frustrating than spending so long trying to hone your skills down for something and finding out you really can't get a job in that specific occupation. I really wish my ███████████████████ were more helpful. Oh hindsight. :shakefist:
Current Known Status
☐ – Alive
☐ – Deceased

I love random formatting—it may be unnecessary but it makes for something interesting to look at I suppose and it gives this journal some more "life".
:iconohuplz: You and your sense of humour.

Seriously though, don't joke about these sorts of things. You never know what can happen.

For the record, I tried it out for a good little chuckle to see who I'd get matched with out of all the Deviants and...


:wave:NashicoP :meow:
I didn't send you a note but I decided to :+devwatch: instead.

Happy April Fool's everyone! :XD:
  • Watching: Cry play Haunting Ground
This book is amazing.

Recommended by quite a few people, I picked up a copy from Amazon and reading through the first few pages I am blown away by the quality and quantity of information within this book.

Everything you need to know about animation is in here and it's amazing. Hopefully I can start uploading some test animations and get some feedback.

Until then, my nose will be buried in this book. :la:
If anyone is wondering where I've been, where I am and what I'm doing; I am trying to find a job.

I am also juggling a whole lot of other things on the side. I'm determined to teach myself animation since it seems to be the one requirement I don't have when it comes to job applications.

I'm a little more active on Tumblr but not by much. I'm hoping I can get a job as soon as possible. I never hear back from them.

What's worse is when they want something for free... No.

Alas, it shall be a while before I update this again so I apologise in advance.
For almost a month now...

Hopefully it'll go away for the new year... :(

:la: OH MY GOD!

I panicked and thought something was wrong when I saw so many messages in my inbox but holy moly!

This is my first Daily Deviation ever.

:iconletmehugyouplz::rose::kiss::heart:Thank you so much!:heart::kiss::rose::iconletmehugyouplz:

Also, my Commissions are still open!
Here's the Image and Related Info Here:

For more Information please see my Blog, but most of the information you need is in the above deviation. :aww:


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I hope this summarises everything well enough. :)

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!